Come Fly with Flying Arts Alliance in 2015

Flying Arts Alliance needs your help to support its regional and remote Queensland education program

Flying Arts is a Queensland based not for profit arts and cultural development organisation. It delivers a wide range of services to artists, teachers, students, young people and community groups throughout the State. And we need your help to stay in the air.

Take off

Join the Flying Arts Alliance Flying Squad and help us to continue to deliver our arts and cultural services to schools in Queensland.

Your contribution will help us reach our Destination. Follow the flight path to learn more.

Our Destination

You can help us to continue to make a real difference in Queensland by joining the FAA Flying Squad. All donations go directly to support the chosen destination for each year.

for the Artist in Schools Workshop and Residency Program

Choose a crew position

Choose a crew position to make your donation. All Flying Squad members are listed on Crew List.

Not sure? Read more about our Giving Program